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Last page update - 23 November 2007

Brian Morrison/
Railway World magazine
Number: 47847
Location: Euston station
Named by: Brian Morrison, railway author and photographer
Date applied: 10/1/02 Date removed: 21/09/06
Style: Standard
Meaning: Named to mark Brian Morrisons 50 years of railway photography and UK most prolific railway photographer
Notes: One of VT celebrity Class 47 fleet. Plate on other side of loco 'Railway World magazine. Secret event, Brian was told name was 'Railway World'' until he parted curtains
Supplier: DR*

Barry Needham
Number: 56115
Location: Doncaster RMT terminal
Named by: ?
Date applied: ? Date removed: 04/04
Style: Standard
Meaning: Named after EWS controller who was killed in the Great Heck accident
Notes: Transferred to 60087
Supplier: PC

Blackpool Voyager
Number: 220021 car No. 60221
Location: Blackpool North Station
Named by: Theresa May MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport
Date applied: 10/10/01 Date removed: 10/03
Style: Virgin Voyager
Meaning: Named to mark the introduction of Voyager stock on Blackpool route
Notes: Name removed following Virgin Trains pulling out of Blackpool. Set renamed Staffordshire Voyager
Supplier: NR*

Brighton Voyager
Number: 220022
Location: Brighton Station
Named by: Cllr Harry Steer, Mayor of Brighton & Hove
Date applied: 14/12/01
Style: Virgin Trains
Meaning: Twinning of Voyager fleet with route, marking introduction of fleet of all Brighton services from December 2001
Supplier: NR*

Number: 220017 car No. 60217
Location: Central Rivers Depot
Named by: Andre Bombardier Vice Chairman of Bombardier Transportation and Janet Dean MP
Date applied: 18/09/01
Style: Virgin Voyager (non standard)
Meaning: Unveiled to mark opening of Bombardier Transportations new maintenance facility at Central Rivers. Also to mark delivery of half the Class 220 fleet, 17th train sets (reason for set 017 being selected
Supplier: NR*

Number: 56115
Location: Worksop depot
Named by: No ceremony
Date applied: 06/01 Date removed: 12/01
Style: Standard
Meaning: See main entry
Notes: Previously applied to No. 58034. Name applied prior to working 2001 staff charter to Kent Coast. Renamed Barry Needham
Supplier: PC

Bristol Barton Hill
Number: 47725
Location: Barton Hill Depot, Bristol
Named by: Steve Heinz, engineer at depot
Date applied: 07/07/01 (staff open day)
Style: Standard
Meaning: See entry in main book
Notes: Transferred from No. 47738. This loco previously named ‘The Railway Mission’
Supplier: NR

Berwick Upon Tweed
Number: 91025
Location: Adtranz Doncaster
Named by: No ceremony
Date applied: 08/00
Style: GNER transfer, gold letters
Meaning: Twinning of GNER traction with East Coast Route
Notes: Drivers side plate is without dashes, non driving side has dashes. Previously named ‘BBC Radio One FM’
Supplier: -

Bletchley TMD
Number: 121027 car No. 55027
Location: Bletchley depot
Named by: No ceremony
Date applied: 19/01/99 Date removed: 06/00
Style: Silverlink Railways
Meaning: Twinning of the depot with active railway to increase morale at depot. Applied to Class 121 following repaint into Silverlink colours
Notes: Transferred to 150127
Supplier: NR*

Bletchley TMD
Number: 150127 vehicle 57127
Location: Bletchley depot
Named by: No ceremony
Date applied: 28/6/00
Style: Silverlink
Meaning: Twinning of depot with ‘new’ refurbished stock for Bedford-Bletchley line
Notes: Name previously carried by 55027
Supplier: NR*

BP Gas Avonmouth
Number: 60005
Location: BP Gas Terminal, Avonmouth
Named by: John Manzoni, BP Group President
Date applied: 07/04/00
Style: Standard EWS
Meaning: Applied to mark 10 years of delivery of Gas Oil to Avonmouth Terminal
Notes: Previously named ‘Skiddaw’
Supplier: PC

Bradford Film Festival
Number: 91018
Location: Kings Cross station
Named by: Timothy West, Actor
Date applied: 17/02/00
Style: GNER transfer, gold letters
Meaning: Twinning of GNER with 6th Bradford Film Festival, of which GNER are the principal sponsor
Notes: Previously named ‘Robert Louis Stevenson’
Supplier: -

Brian Collett
Number: TPO van POS 80323
Location: ??
Named by: ??
Date applied: xx/xx/99
Style: Standard Royal Mail TPO (half size)
Meaning: ??
Notes: ??
Supplier: PC

Brian Quinn
Number: TPO POS 80339
Location: ????
Named by: ????
Date applied: ?????
Style: Standard EWS/Royal Mail
Meaning: Named after Brian Quinn, Head of Royal Mail TPO section
Supplier: PC

Number: 31601
Location: Bletchley Station
Named by: Dr Phyllis Starkey, MP for Bletchley
Date applied: 22/03/99
Style: Fragonset
Meaning: Named to twin Silverlink Railways and Fragonset Railways with the local community and Bletchley Park
Notes: First Class 31/6 named and first Fragonset Railways loco to be named
Supplier: CIT

Berwick Middle School Railsafe Trophy Winners 1998
Number: 37717
Location: Tyne Yard
Named by: Martyn Cornish (11), pupil from school
Date applied: 02/07/98 Date removed: 04/01
Style: Standard EWS
Meaning: To mark the 1998 winners of the Railsafe schools competition
Notes: Previously named ‘Maltby Lilly Hall Junior School Rotherham Railsafe Trophy Winners 1996’ and ‘St Margaret’s Church of England Primary School City of Durham Railsafe Trophy Winners 1997’
Supplier: PC

Blackpool Rock
Number: 43100
Location: Blackpool Station
Named by: Brian Barrett, Chief Executive of Virgin Trains and Geoff Thompson, Chief Executive of Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Date applied: 25/05/98 Date removed: 07/00
Style: Virgin Trains stick on
Notes: Named to mark the re-introduction of through Virgin Trains services between Euston and Blackpool North. Power car led first northbound service and was ‘named’ by pouring champagneover name upon arrival. First IC125 to carry stick on names. Previously named ‘Craigentinny’
Supplier: -

Basford Hall Centenary 2001
Number: 66502
Location: Crewe Basford Hall Yard
Named by: Paul Smart, General manager of Freightliner Intermodal
Date applied: 5/8/01 (staff open day)
Style: Standard Freightliner
Meaning: To mark the 100th anniversary of Crewe Basford Hall yard
Supplier: NR*

Bill Green
Number: 321413, car 71961
Location: Northampton station
Named by: Tim Holland, Mayor of Northampton
Date applied: 3/01
Style: Silverlink
Meaning: named after Silverlink driver Bill Green who on his retirement in March 2002 had clocked up 49 years 10 months railway service
Notes: Bill Green attended this naming not knowing his name was applied to the side. Bill was the first railwayman on the scene after the Great Train Robbery in 1963
Supplier: NR*

Black Country Voyager
Number: 220028 car No. 60228
Location: Wolverhampton Station
Named by: Cllr Joyce Smith, Mayor of Wolverhampton
Date applied: 9/5/02
Style: Virgin Voyager
Meaning: Twinning of Voyager fleet with route
Supplier: NR*

Brief Encounter
Number: 175111
Named by:
Date applied:
Style: Transfer
Supplier: -

Brian Langley
Number: DR73238 Tamper
Location: ??
Named by: No ceremony
Date applied: ??
Style: Standard
Meaning: Named after ??
Supplier: NR*

Bromley TravelWise
Number: 375608
Location: Bromley Station
Named by: ??
Date applied: ??/6/02
Style: Transfer (stick on letters)
Meaning: -
Supplier: -

Blue Lightning

Number: 66702
Location: National Railway Museum, York
Named by: Tiernan Cassar (3), nephew of GBRf Train Manager Glen Palmer
Date applied: 30/8/02
Style: Standard GB Railfreight, secondary plate below
Meaning: Naming to mark the first anniversary of the partnership between GBRf and Railtrack, name selected by staff competition
Notes: -
Supplier: NR*

Bonnie Prince Charlie
Number: 43117
Location: Bombardier Doncaster Works
Named by: No ceremony
Date applied: 09/02
Style: GNER transfer
Meaning: Series naming of GNER ECML traction
Notes: -
Supplier: -

Bristol St. Philip's Marsh
Number: 43040
Location: Bristol St. Philip's Marsh depot
Named by: Peter Alway, Fleet Operative at depot
Date applied: 22/1/03
Style: Cast, Standard FGW
Meaning: Twinning of power car with depot, to mark major upgrading and refurbishment of facility
Supplier: NR*

Brondyffryn Trust
Number: 175007
Location: Rhyl Station
Named by: Ann Jones, mayor of Rhyl
Date applied: 14/05/02
Style: FNW stick-on
Meaning: Twinning of FNW set with autistic school in Rhyl
Supplier: NR*

Barry Flaxman
Number: 357001
Location: ??
Named by: ??
Date applied: 02/03
Style: Standard c2c
Meaning: Twinning ???
Supplier: NR*

Bletchley Seven
Number: 150123
Location: Bletchley Depot
Named by: tba
Date applied: tba
Style: Silverlink
Meaning: ??
Supplier: NR*

Barry Needham
Number: 60087
Location: Toton depot
Named by: No Ceremony
Date applied: 0404
Style: Standard
Meaning: Named after EWS controller who was killed in the Great Heck accident
Notes: Name transferred from 56115
Supplier: PC

Benjamin Gimbert G.C
Number: 66077
Location: Whitemoor Yard, March
Named by: Richard Bowker, Chairman of SRA
Date applied: 02/06/04
Style: EWS Class 66
Meaning: Reapplication of name. Named after Driver Benjamin Gimbert who was awarded the George Cross after uncoupling burning wagon from train at Soham in 1944
Supplier: PC

Bispham Drive
Junior School Toton
EWS Rail Safety Competition Winners 2004
Number: 60080
Location: Toton Depot
Named by: Children from Bispham Drive School
Date applied: 26/05/05
Style: Standard, logo below
Meaning: Ongoing naming of Class 60 No. 60080 after wining school in annual competition
Notes: Named after East Midlands schools rail safety project
Supplier: PC

Buxton Festival
Number: 156466
Location: Buxton Station
Named by: ??
Date applied: ??
Style: Stick-on
Meaning: Twinning of First North Western with annual Buxton Festival
Supplier: -

Balchder y Cymoedd/
Pride of the Valleys
Number: 37425
Location: Caerphilly Station
Named by: Cllr Harry Andrews, Leader of Caerphilly County Council
Date applied: 28/11/05
Style: Standard
Meaning: Named to mark the final weeks of deployment of Class 37s on Arriva Trains Wales Cardiff Valley services
Notes: English plate officially unveiled
Supplier: -

Number: DVT 82114
Location: Wembley Depot
Named by: ??
Date applied: ??/11/05
Style: Standard
Meaning: ??
Notes: Reapplication of name previously carried by Class 87
Supplier: -

Bletchley Pride
Number: 321425 car 71793
Location: Bletchley Depot
Named by: Roger Ford, Technical Editor, Modern Railways
Date applied: 07/02/07
Style: Standard
Meaning: To mark the depot acheivement in maintenance of Class 321s and attaining the highest miles per casualty figure 43,267 of any UK electric fleet.
Notes: Previously named 'Silver Service'
Supplier: -

Benny Rothman -
The Manchester Rambler
Number: 150268 car 52268
Location: New Mlls
Named by: David Milliband, Secretary of State for Environment
Date applied: 21/04/07
Style: Transfer
Meaning: To mark the 75th anniversary of 'mass trespass' on Kinder Scout. This trespass led to free access to the countryside for ordinary people and to the legislation in 1949 to establish National Parks and then later to walkers rights over open country and common land in 2000
Notes: -
Supplier: -

Bedford-Bamberg 30
Number: 150128
Location: Bedford Station
Named by: Werner Hipelius, the Bugermeister of Bamberg
Date applied: 21/09/07
Style: Standard Silverlink
Meaning: Marking the 30th anniversary of the twinning of Bedford and Bamberg in Bavaria, southern Germany
Supplier: -

Bill Bolsover
Number: 66623
Location: ?
Named by: Bill Bolsover
Date applied: 16/11/07
Style: Freightliner
Meaning: Named after Bill Bolsover,
in recognition of his long standing contribution to the construction materials industry and Aggregate Industries
Notes: Originally planned for unveiling on 30/08/07 - event called off
Supplier: -





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