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Welcome to The Encyclopaedia of Modern Traction Names. This book was first published in spring 1998 by Channel AV Publishing and authored by Colin J. Marsden and Darren Ford. The title is now long out of print, but through the use of modern technology in the production of medium quality PDFs, the pages of the original book are now available to download as PDF files. Follow the link below to see and save the pages. The illustration quality is not as good as the original product as the images have been reduced in quality to provide a suitable download file size.

Since the publication of the book many changes have been made to the nameplate scene on UK railways, with over 1200 new names applied and dozens of major changes made to previously applied names.

As at present no new printed edition of the book is imminent, it has been decided to publish full updates through TheRailwayCentre.Com website.

Presentation of this information follows that of the book, and gives a single entry for each name. New names are given on pages A-Z, with the first letter of the name taken as the point of reference. Numeric plates use the first letter of the number if spelt out. Alterations to previously applied names are given on the Nameplate Changes pages.

To follow the format and presentation of the The Encyclopaedia of Modern Traction Names please see the introduction page of the original book

If any reader has additional information which can be included to update that shown, please contact the editor by e-mail at

We would like to record thanks to a number of photographers who have supplied illustrations and for additional information to update this title, these include: B Morrison, Bill Wilson, J Rogers, R Tuplin, K Kay, J Perry, R Ayre, T Simpson, D Marsden, D Porter, John C. Patston, Alan Costello, M Cottam, Eddie Rathmill, Ken Short, Glen Flurry, J Rawlinson, J O'Mahony, Wilf Smith, K Gunner, Mark Beal, T Mcatee, Chris Pope, Ray Humphries, Darren Wetherall, Andy Parker, Damon Powell, Mark Beal and many others.

Download pages of original 'The Encyclopaedia of Modern Traction Names' (all in PDF format)
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View ammendments to The Encyclopaedia of Modern Traction Names and recent namings
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