Number range: 325001-325016
Introduced: 1995-1996
Built by: Adtranz Derby
Vehicle numbers: DTPMV(A) - 68300-68330 (even numbers)
MPMV - 68340-68355
TPMV - 68360-68375

DTPMV(B) - 68301-68331 (odd numbers)

Vehicle length: DTPMV - 65ft 0 3/4in (19.83m)
MPMV/TPMV - 65ft 4 1/4inn (19.92m)
Heignt: 12ft 4 3/4in (3.78m)
Width: 9ft 3in (2.82m)
Seating: None - parcel/mail space
Internat layout: Open
Gangway: No
Toilets: No
Weight: Total - 138.5 tonnes
DTPMV(A) - 29.2 tonnes
MPMV - 49.5 tonnes
TPMV - 30.7 tonnes
DTPMV(B) - 29.1 tonnes
Brake type: Air (EP/auto)
Bogie type: Powered - Adtranz P7-4
Trailer - Adtranz T3-7
Power collection: 25kV ac overhead and 750V dc third rail
Traction motor type: 4 x GEC G315BY
Horsepower: 1,448hp (1080kW)
Max speed: 100mph (160km/h)
Coupling type: Drophead buck-eye/screw
Multiple restriction: Within type, TDM wired
Door type: Roller shutter
Owner: Royal Mail
Operator: Royal Mail/GBRf
Special features: Retractable buffers, intruder alarm
Notes Many sets are modified as loco hauled and others do not presently operate following the loss of the EWS-Royal Mail contract

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