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Traction Talk

15 April 2007 Six Class 508 sets from South Eastern Trains are to be refurbished by Wabtec Doncaster and retained by SET.
15 April 2007 Class 47s 47635 and 47727 are now operated by Seco Rail and are 'reported' to be destined for work in the South West
30 March 2007 As part of the EWS/Metrolink contract in the Manchester area, low-height Class 08/9s No. 08993, 08994 and 08995 are to be transferred by road from Doncaster to the Metrolink contract site in Manchester
30 March 2007 It is reported by insiders at Porterbrook that a Class 57/0 is to be 'returned' from hire to Freightliner, modified and converted for use with a modified DBSO for use on Network Rail test trains. This will entail installing TDM push-pull equipment.
24 Feb 2007 Reports that the Class 306 has been removed by road from Ilford depot to ??
18 Jan 2006 Reports are that Class 73 electro-diesel No. 73133 from the Pontypool & Blaenavon is to move to Freightliner Taunton Fairwater Yard next week for shunting duties. Hopefully they know that the ED on diesel power with only 600hp will have a job in shifting the HOBC or its sections!
02 Jan 2006 Reported that 43051/053/054/056/057/058/064/077 all long term stored at Leeds Neville Hill
24 Dec 2006 It is now reported from insiders at Angel Trains, that the Class 442s will be split between different operators after release from SWT in mid-January 2007. 10 sets are destined for Southern and 7 sets for Gatwick Express.
16 Dec 2006 C2C Class 357 presently working on Velim Test track in Chech Republic, undergoing safety case tests for the use of regen-brakes on C2C network.
11 Dec 2006 156439 reported painted in Scotrail maroon livery??
5 Dec 2006 508201/202/204/206/209/212 reported to be going 'off lease' from 9 December for store at Bombardier Chart Leacon
1 Dec 2007 A shortage of operational Class 508s on SouthEastern has led to Class 375s being deployed on the Sheerness branch in recent days.
1 Dec 2007 The first four GNER refurbished HST power cars have been officially renumbered 43290 (ex 43090), 43300 (ex 43100),43314 (ex 43114), 43320 (ex 43120)
24 Nov 2006 It is reported tht after 4VEP No. 3417 arrived at Wimbledon Park from Bournemouth under its own power on the evening of 23 November the set was officially withdrawn
18 Nov 2006 86218 and 86232 to be taken over by DRS, due to move w/c 20 November from Immingham Railfreight to Carlisle Kingmoor. Once commissioned will be used on Coatbridge-Daventry services. If trial proceeds well, up to 7 Class 86s could be taken over by DRS. These locos could also operate the DRS charter rake of Mk2/3s and Mk3 DVTs.
10 Nov 2006 Word is that Willesden depot, operated by Alstom is to close from 11 May 2007.
10 Nov 2006 GBRf 66s No. 66712/714 due on hire to Freightliner HH from 10 November.
10 Oct 2006 To join 166220, set No. 166212 has now wmerged painted in 'Dynamic Lines' or Neon livery.
8 Oct 2006 Several people have asked about off lease power cars owned by Porterbrook, from which the four will be selected to go to Grand Central. The off lease cars at present are 43065, 43067, 43068, 43080, 43084, 43103, 43121, 43123, 43157. All are stored at Long Marston.
7 Oct 2006 Voyager driving car 60486 (from set 221136) transported by road from Central Rivers to Bombardier Crewe for repair. Other intermediate vehicles likely to be incorporated into four sets sets.
29 Sept 2006 Gat-Ex to Bournemouth. Engineering staff at Gatwick Express have confirmed that the C4 bogie overhauls on Class 460 8-car Gatwick Express units will be undetaken at Bournemouth Depot starting in April or May 2007. It is likely that one set at a time will operate to/from the SWT depot under its own power.
29 Sept 2006 It is now confirmed by RSL that the new high-density 'Electrostar' sets for Transport for London to operate on the 'Overground' network will be Class 378
27 Sept 2006 It is likely that DRS will take up an option for another 10 Class 66/4s - info from EMD, Canada
27 Sept 2006 All 30 Porterbrook Class 458s are to be returned to front line use with South West Trains, including the two presently on hire to Gatwick Express
27 Sept 2006 It has now been confirmed that by the end of 2006, 20 EWS Class 66s will be in Mainland Europe
20 Sept 2006 A GBRf staff special (day out) to operate from Barking to York on 24 September, motive power is Class 87.
20 Sept 2006 Freightliner Heavy haul to hire two Class 66/7s from GBRf to cover fleet shortage No. 66708 and 66713 assigned.
11 Sept 2006 French National Railways-owned Class 92 No. 92028, presently on hire to GBRf is being used for French driver training in the UK. This is in connection with the French-operator working through freight services to the UK.
11 Sept 2006 Porterbrook Class 87 No. 87032 has been transported by road from Alstom, Springburn, Glasgow to MoD Long Marston for store. It is reported that sister locos 87007 and 87008 from Wembley are also to follow to the MoD site. Porterbrook are keen to have all stored Class 87s in one location.
11 Sept 2006 Eddie Stobart/Tesco-liveried Class 66/4 No. 66411 to be launched at Daventry on 19 September.


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