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Notable Workings - Saturday 21st October 2006

Pathfinder operated their 'SANDBLOWER' railtour today, working from Bristol TM - Ely and onwards to Kings Lynn and the Middleton Towers branch before returning to Bristol TM via Ipswich and Willesden Euro Freight Centre.

Traction involved in the tour was as follows:

66068 Bristol TM Acton , 60034 Acton Kings Lynn Jn, 57012 Kings Lynn Jn Middleton Towers, 60034 Middleton Towers Kings Lynn, 57012 Kings Lynn Ipswich Down&Up Goods Loop, 92003 Ipswich Down&Up Goods Loop Willesden Euro Freight Centre, 66066 Willesden Euro Freight Centre Bristol TM

60034 still named 'Carnedd Llewelyn' is seen upon arrival at Ely, Photo: Brian Garrett

* 47826+47851 operated the 1Z45 Doncaster - Bornemouth and 1Z46 return trip in T&T formation

47830 operated the 6Z60 08:30 Dagenham - Cricklewood Freightliner Flats

* Several Steam Charters worked during the 21st October.71000 'Duke of Gloucester' operated the 1Z53 Worcester - Appleby tour, while 4965 worked a charter from Tyesley to Barrow Hill

D1015 'Western Champion' operated it's first tour in BR Maroon from London Paddington - Taunton where it handed over to 6024 'King Edward 1st'.

D1015 then worked South to Penzance light engine before returning North to Paddington with the charter later in the day

* 47709 and 47703 were working a Paddington - Paington 'Intercity Merrymaker'


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