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Class 117

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The Pressed Steel built Class 117 fleet were the mainstay of suburban operations in the London area of the former Western Region, being allocated to Reading and Southall depots. After being delivered in BR green, the fleet were repainted in the 1970s into all-over BR rail blue, as shown here on a set passing through Sonning Cutting between Twyford and Reading. After 1976 the original four-character route indicators were removed and 'dot' indicators inserted. CJM.

After BR agreed to try and improve its local train service image in the mid-1970s, a major refurbishment of many DMU fleets were authorised, this extended to interior upgrading and external repaints. Most of the Class 117s then emerged in white livery off-set by a blue waist height band, a colour scheme which looked very smart, and shown here on set L406 near Theale. This triple set has its DMBS leading and by the time this picture was taken the headcode box had been plated over and frontal indication lights were positioned on the main bodywork. CJM.

In the 1980s/90s, after much re-allocation of stock, the Class 117 fleet could be found working all over the country from the London area to Birmingham and even Scotland. Set 117311 is seen painted in Regional Railways grey and two-tone blue livery at Birmingham New Street, during a period when it was allocated to Tyseley and used on the Birmingham CrossCity line. At this time a hi-intensity headlight had also been fitted. CJM.

Like many of the DMU classes, some of the Class 117 fleet have been preserved, as these versatile easy to use sets can offer much to the light rail movement. This three car set, painted in a non-authentic red and cream livery is seen on the West Somerset Railway. CJM.

Class 117 interior. On the left is the rather comfortable looking first class interior, finished in a mid-brown moquette. On the right is the rather Spartan standard class interior, based on 2+3 seating, finished here in NSE blue moquette. Both: CJM.

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