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Class 317

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Originally known as the 'Bed-Pan' electric's (Bedford-St Pancras), set No. 317311 is seen approaching St Pancras. These sets were delivered in blue-grey livery, offset by yellow warning ends and black cab window surrounds. CJM

After the formation of NSE and re-allocations of the traction fleets, following the introduction of Thameslink cross-London services, the Class 317 fleets found work on Great Northern lines. Set No. 317327 is seen in Kings Cross station painted in NSE colours. The front end door on this design was intended for between unit communication, unlike the earlier 1972-design stock. CJM

The front end styling of the second batch of Class 317s, designated 317/2 was more pleasing with a smooth roof line and air horns located below draw-bar height. By the time these sets emerged Group Standard light clusters were fitted. Another change on the 317/2s was the fitting of glazed hopper windows, rather than filled in metal hoppers on the earlier build. 317/2 No. 317349 is seen 'on shed' at Hornsey. CJM

Class 317/2 interior. On the left is the first class 2+2 layout, with each seat having fixed armrests. On the right is the standard class interior using mainly a 2+3 layout. Both: CJM

The Class 317/3 fleet upon refurbishment became the Class 317/6s for use on West Anglia Great Northern outer suburban services. The sets emerged in a very bright livery, as shown here on set 317649 at Liverpool Street. CJM

In 2000, nine Class 317/1 sets were given a massive rebuild by Wolverton Works for use on the WAGN operated Stansted Express route, linking Liverpool Street with London's third airport at Stansted. The rebuilding saw totally new interiors fitted together with some significant structural alterations, including replacement of the bodyside windows with top hopper models. The most noticeable change was in the front end, where the roof line was changed to give a smooth appearance and new light clusters fitted, together with a roof mounted marker light. Set No. 317708 (the original 317308) is seen carrying Stansted Express livery at Liverpool Street. CJM

Front end detail of Stansted Express Class 317/6. The curved roof line was fitted to replace the ugly original design, while the air warning horns have been refitted below draw-gear height. The original light units have been replaced by angled cluster units. Coupling arrangements remain the same. CJM

Interior of Stansted Express Class 317/7. On the left in the first class area, incorporating high quality seats each with a table. On the right is the standard class area now set out in the 2+2 style with high quality seating. As these sets operate on the airport services special luggage stacks are provided in both classes and a high quality catering facility is operated in both classes. Both: CJM


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