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Class 365

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Built by ABB as the outer suburban version of the Networker, the Class 365 sets were deemed as 'Networker Express' when constructed. Although all classified as one fleet, two separate fleets exist within the class. The first 16 sets, although wired for dual ac/dc operation do not have a pantograph and are used on South Thames services on Connex South Eastern. Displaying as built NSE livery, set No. 365505 is illustrated. CJM

After privatisation, the new owners of the 16 South Thames sets (Connex) applied their yellow, white and blue livery to the fleet, seen here on unit 365505 (again). All Connex sets are based at Ramsgate depot and are to be found on fast and semi fast Kent Coast-London services. No. 365505 is seen at Victoria. CJM.

The 25 sets allocated to WAGN at Hornsey for Great Northern outer suburban operations are fitted with a pantograph on the TS car, but are not fitted with third rail collection shoes. All the WAGN fleet still retain NSE livery. This fleet is about to go through a major structural change, with a new front end being fitted to improve the driving cab environment. The revised cab was first fitted to set 365529 in late 2001 and is seen here at Kings Cross along side a Class 317. Originally these sets has the same front design as he lowered numbered sets illustrated above. CJM.

Class 365 'Networker Express' interior. On the left is the low-density standard class layout with seats in the 2+2 style with carpets and tables by each seating group. On the right is the first class layout, again using the 2+2 layout, but using an improved design of seat, with curtains by windows, reading lights and different decor. Both: CJM

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