Old Pictures of the Day - May 2008


Picture of the Day 1 May 2008

On 30 April 2008, First/GBRf 66725 operated light from Bristol to Meldon Quarry and then powered 5Z89 08.25 Meldon Quarry - Yeovil Junction via Honiton - with the consist 5981, 5925, 9508. From Yeovil Junction the loco returned as 5Z89 13.20 Yeovil Junction - Bristol via Honiton formed of 9506, 1211, 5797, 3312, 9505, 5925, 5981. The train is seen passing Claverham between Yatton and Nailsea.
Chris Perkins


Picture of the Day 2 May 2008

For the second day running First/GBRf No. 66725 features as our Picture of the day. The loco is seen passing Natton on a light loco move from Long Marston to Taunton on 1 May 2008 after hauling a stock move from Bristol. The loco double headed a sleeper train from Taunton to Peterborough during the morning of 2 May.
Jack Boskett www.jacksrailwayphotos.fotopic.net


Picture of the Day 3 May 2008

History was made on Saturday 2 May 2008 when DTG-owned 'Western' Class 52 No. D1015 became the first 'Western' to operate in Scotland. Powering a charter train from Tame Bridge Parkway to Edinburgh Waverley and return. The return train, the 1Z53 16.26 Edinburgh Waverley - Tame Bridge Parkway is seen passing Whitecross, just after leaving Linlithgow.
James Young


Picture of the Day 4 May 2008

BR Standard Class 7 No. 70013 Oliver Cromwell powered its first passenger train since August 1968, when on 3 May 2008, the loco hauled the 17.12 Loughborough to Leicester over the Great Central Railway as part of its running in trials. The loco had been working at the railway all day under test conditions and was granted permission to power the evening passenger service. True railway history in the making.
Damian Ross


Picture of the Day 5 May 2008

BR Standard Class 8 No. 71000 Duke of Gloucester visited Devon on Sunday 4 May 2008, powering the Bristol to Plymouth and return leg of a charter from Paddington. The train was originally powered by 'Royal' Class 67 No. 67006 which should have been removed at Bristol, however due to air problems, the '67' remained coupled on the train with the steam piloting. After further problems en-route involving slipping to a stand on Dainton bank, the return train was around an hour late departing from Plymouth. The train is seen crossing Cornwood Viaduct near Ivybridge.
Tony Christie


Picture of the Day 6 May 2008

The performance of the refurbished Class 43s operated by Grand Central are still causing major concern for the operators. Over this past weekend MML-liveried No. 43166 has again been hired to help out with shortages. On 6 May two PCs were hauled from Heaton to Brush Traction for urgent repairs. Led by No. 43166 a Grand Central train is seen passing Dawdon in County Durham on 5 May 2008.
Ken Short


Picture of the Day 7 May 2008

It is now less than two weeks until the full opening of Stirling - Alloa - Kincardine line in Scotland. This will virtually eliminate EWS coal traffic along the Edinburgh and Glasgow mainline, which currently takes this traffic between Hunterston/ Mossend and Longannet via Winchburgh, Dalmeny and the Forth Bridge. Services will, from line opening, run via Larbert and Stirling onto the Alloa-Kincardine line. EWS are currently route learning the new line in preparation, usually with a single Class 66. On 27 August 2007 7G13 bound for Longannet (ex-Hunterston) powered by 66019 passes Park Farm, east of Linlithgow. The opening of the new line will free up paths for extra trains to Fife (which is due to have a peak hour loco hauled service from late 2008 until Airdrie-Bathgate comes on stream and the DMUs used for that can be freed up) - and for an Edinburgh - Glasgow non-stop service.
James Young


Picture of the Day 8 May 2008

4MT No. 42073 a Fairburn development of a Stanier design departs from Lakeside in Cumbria with a service over the Bank Holiday weekend on 2 May 2008.
Charlie Robbins


Picture of the Day 9 May 2008

First/GBRf No. 66724 hauls preserved Nos. 50044, 37906, 37275 and 20096 towards Worgret Junction, just west of Wareham on 8 May 2008 as they near journeys end with the 0Z72 09.40 Kidderminster to Swanage to attend this weekends Diesel Gala.  
Mark V. Pike


Picture of the Day 10 May 2008

A very rare working took place on the main line on 9 May 2008, when East Lancs Railway-based Class 40 No. 40145 powered a Network Rail RHTT set formed of four vehicles from York Works to Heyward. The train is seen passing Huddersfield.  
Mark Bearton


Picture of the Day 11 May 2008

EWS liveried Class 60 No. 60096 passes through a sunny Nottingham on 11 May 2008 powering a train of track sections from a worksite. On the rear out of picture is Class 66 No. 66063.  
Gary Schofield


Picture of the Day 12 May 2008

The penultimate leg of this weekends Kingfisher's 'Grand Scottish Railtour' operated on 12 May, when EWS Nos. 37417 and 37401 powered 1Z27 06.53 Aviemore to Poole as far as Carlisle. The train is seen leaving the loop at Whitecross on the Edinburgh to Glasgow main line after making a booked stop.
James Young


Picture of the Day 13 May 2008

DRS Class 57/0 No. 57009 hauled 'Stoneblower' No. DR80200 as train 6Z01 the 09.30 from Eastleigh to Frome via a very unusual route through Basingstoke, Clapham Junction, Acton, Reading, Newbury to reach Westbury and then Frome on 13 May 2008.  The train is seen on the South West main line between Basingstoke and Hook.
Ian Francis


Picture of the Day 14 May 2008

A West Coast Railway positioning move took place on 13 May 2008, when WCRC Class 37 No. 37248 piloted K1 No. 62005 over the West Coast main line via Beattock. The train is seen breasting Beattock Summit at 09.32.
Keith McGovern


Picture of the Day 15 May 2008

New train operator Grand Central has major problems with its HST fleet and have now taken on the hire of EWS stock and a pair of Class 37/4s to operate shuttle services. In preparation for working York-Sunderland-York  'shuttles', Class 37s No. 37401 and 37417 arrived at Tyne Yard light from Doncaster on 14 May to collect coaching stock that had arrived from Wembley the previous night. The pair, plus four Mk2 coaches are seen forming train 5Z31 from York toTyne Yard passing Dawdon on 14 May 2008.
Ken Short


Picture of the Day 16 May 2008

Just when people thought it could not get much worse for Grand Central, the operators only workable HST failed on 15 May 2008 and was rescued by the two hired-in Class 37/4s Nos. 37401/417. The HST forming 1A60 from Sunderland to Kings Cross expired at Thirsk and eventually got as far as York where it was terminated. The two Class 37s which were about to start the 'shuttle' operation were sent light from Newcastle Tyne Yard to York to haul the defective set to Heaton. The train is seen passing Newton Hall.
Ken Short


Picture of the Day 17 May 2008

Super-power was provided for the 16.38 (6G45) Toton to Bescot Virtual Quarry departmental working on Tuesday 13 May 2008 in the form of EWS Class 66/0 No. 66213 and Euro Cargo Rail No. 66208 hauling just five flat wagons. The train is photographed approaching Rycroft Junction, Walsall. However, all was not as it seems; 66208 was being returned to France via Wembley and the Channel Tunnel following an exam at Toton T.M.D.
John Binch


Picture of the Day 19 May 2008

Following use on a Football extra from Exeter to London Paddington and return on Sunday 18 May 2008, EWS Class 67s Nos. 67029/020 powered the empty stock from Exeter to Old Oak Common on Monday 19 May. The train is seen in excellent photographic conditions on the main line near Yatton.
Chris Perkins


Picture of the Day 20 May 2008

GBRF Class 66 No. 66709 is seen hauling preserved Class 83 No. E3035 past Denaby while on route to the NRM at York from Barrow Hill. The loco is to take part in the NRMs 40th anniversary to mark the end of steam on the BR main line.
David Cooper


Picture of the Day 21 May 2008

Serco operated Class 31s Nos. 31602 and 31601 arrive at Barrhead on 19 May 2008 powering test train 1Q18 from Mossend to Mossend via Barrhead, Kilmarnock and the Ayrshire Coast.
Bill Wilson


Picture of the Day 22 May 2008

Pictured passing Bishton level crossing during the evening of 21 May 2008, Cotswold No. 47818 hauls a barrier van and powercar No. 43183 as the 11.15 Brush Traction, Loughborough to Landore.
Jamie Squibbs


Picture of the Day 23 May 2008

NRM owned LN No. 850 Lord Nelson is now on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway running in after repairs It is seen on its first run before taking part in a Gala event.
John Stretton


Picture of the Day 24 May 2008

The first ever working of a National Express-liveried HST on the Sea Wall was on 24 May 2008 when powercar No. 43309 led the 1V29 07.24 Manchester Piccadilly - Newquay. The train is seen at Langstone Rock, Dawlish Warren.
Colin J Marsden


Picture of the Day 25 May 2008

The first run of the Summer Saturday Bristol to Weymouth loco hauled relief services operated on 24 May 2008. The train was formed of two EWS Class 67s and four ex-Virgin Mks2. With No. 67003 nearest the camera and No. 67023 on the rear, the train is seen at Weymouth about to run empty to the carriage sidings.
Mark V. Pike


Picture of the Day 26 May 2008

West Coast Railway operated BR Green- liveried No. 47851 passes Colwick (Nottingham) at the head of train 1E21, the 10.21 Nottingham to Skegness loco hauled relief on 26 May 2008. WCR No. 47787 was 'dead' on the rear. This was the first run of the season, and it looks like the 'haulage' enthusiasts were enjoying it.
Darren Wilson


Picture of the Day 27 May 2008

Just to show that we do not only illustrate the main line rail networks! Here we see the Ravenglass & Eskdale Light Railway, with loco 'Douglas Ferreira awaiting departure from Dalegarth on 20 May 2008.
Adam Hiscock


Picture of the Day 28 May 2008

The Grand Central 'shuttle service' has now started to operate between Sunderland and York, train are presently formed of top and tail Class 47s Nos. 47805 and 47815 with four Mk 2 coaches between. On Monday 26 May 2008, train 1Z62 from Sunderland to York powers through Seaham.
Ken Short


Picture of the Day 29 May 2008

Looking a little work stained, BR Standard Class 9F No. 92203 is seen at Cheltenham Racecourse station on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway on 27 May 2008. In the background on Southern 'Spam Can' No. 34007.
Jack Boskett www.jacksrailwayphotos.fotopic.net


Picture of the Day 30 May 2008

Seen in the Midland Mainline at Harrowden Junction (just north of Wellingborough) on 29 May 2008 we see Network Rail Class 31 No. 31105 propelling DBSO No. 9714 as the 5Z47 from Selhurst depot to the RTC Derby.
Darren Wetherail


Picture of the Day 31 May 2008

A start has now been made on repainting the National Express East Coast flagship Class 91 fleet in corporate colours. No. 91111 is seen under test in Doncaster West Yard on 30 May 2008.
Derek Porter


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