This class represents the first production batch of 1972 design stock and was based on the PEP prototype train sets used on the Southern Region. The 64 Class 313s were introduced for the electrification of the Kings Cross/Moorgate suburban system and emerged in 1976-77, being allocated to a new depot at Hornsey.
The sets were of novel design when introduced as they could operate from both ac and dc power supply from either the overhead connection at 25kV ac or a third rail in the tunnel sections at 750V dc
The sets were gangwayed within with end emergency doors for the tunnel sections. Passenger accommodation was in all open saloon style with passenger access by two pairs of bi-parting sliding doors on each vehicle.
The set remained deployed just on the Kings Cross route until modernisation of the Euston-Watford and Richmond-North Woolwich lines took place in May 1985, from when a batch of sets were transferred to Bletchley for this use.
When first introduced units were painted in blue/grey colours, this gave way to NSE livery after the introduction of the BR business sectors in the late 1980s.
Upon privatisation the sets remained on the same routes, being operated by Silverlink Railways on the Euston/Richmond lines and by WAGN on the Moorgate/GN routes. New liveries soon started to appear with Silverlink launching a rather gaudy colour scheme (see illustrations) and WAGN eventually applying its identity to Hornsey sets.
The 34 units operated by Silverlink started to receive a modernisation package in 1997, which slightly reduced the total seating but gave passengers an improved internal atmosphere with high back seats. Security measures were also incorporated including CCTV equipment.

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Sub class: 313/0 313/1
Number range: 313001-313064 313101-313134
Former number range: - 313001-313034
Introduced: 1976-1977 Refurb - 1997-2002
Built/rebuilt by: BREL York Adtranz/Bombardier Ilford
Vehicle numbers: DMSO - 62529-62592 DMSO - 62529-62562
PTSO - 71213-71276 PTSO - 71213-71246
BDMSO - 62593-62656 BDMSO - 62593-62626
Set length: 199ft 6in (60.83m) 199ft 6in (60.83m)
Vehicle length: DMSO/BDMSO - 64ft 11 1/2in (19.80m)
PTSO - 65ft 4 1/4in (19.92m)
DMSO/BDMSO - 64ft 11 1/2in (19.80m)
PTSO - 65ft 4 1/4in (19.92m)
Height: 11ft 9in (3.58m) 11ft 9in (3.58m)
Width: 9ft 3in (2.82m) 9ft 3in (2.82m)
Seating: Total: 232S Total: 228S
DMSO - 74S DMSO - 74S
PTSO - 84S PTSO - 80S
Internat layout: 2+2/2+3 high density 2+2/2+3 high density
Gangway: Within set, emergancy end doors Within set, emergancy end doors
Toilets: Not installed Not installed
Weight: Total - 104.5 tonnes Total - 104.5 tonnes
DMSO - 36.4 tonnes DMSO - 36.4 tonnes
PTSO - 30.5 tonnes PTSO - 30.5 tonnes
BDMSO - 37.6 tonnes BDMSO - 37.6 tonnes
Brake type: Air (Westcode) Air (Westcode)
Bogie type: BX1 BX1
Power collection: 25kV ac overhead &
750V dc third rail
25kV ac overhead &
750V dc third rail
Traction motor type: 8 x GEC G310AZ 8 x GEC G310AZ
Horsepower: 880hp (656kW) 880hp (656kW)
Max speed: 75mph (121km/h) 75mph (121km/h)
Coupling type: Inner - bar
Outer - Tightlock
Inner - bar
Outer - Tightlock
Multiple restriction: 1972 design high-density stock 1972 design high-density stock
Door type: Bi-parting sliding Bi-parting sliding
Special features:
Sub-class differences: As built units, originally for Kings Cross suburban network Refurbished sets for Silverlink services