In 1997 Adtranz tried to answer the UK shortage of modern 'new-build' EMUs by offering a major and total body replacement for existing slam door underframes using a modern state of the art 'Electrostar' body shell. To prove the concept, the DTC from CIG 1761 was rebuilt at Adtranz Derby and showed to customers. It was hauled on the main line to Victoria for demonstration in early 1998 before returning to Adtranz Derby and stored.
A large number of internal variations were available on the product such as first or standard class high or low density seating and ac/dc power collection. The project was know as the Adtranz Classic and surprisingly a Railtrack numeric classification of 424 was issued.

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Demonstration vehicle
Number range: 424001
Former number range: 1761
Alpha code: -
Introduced: Originally - 1965, Rebuilt - 1997
Built/rebuilt by: Originally - BR York, Rebuilt Adtranz Derby
Formation: DSO
Vehicle numbers: 76112
Set length: -
Vehicle length: 20.656m
Height: 3.783m
Width: 2.80m
Seating: On demonstrator - 77S
Internat layout: 2+3 high density
Gangway: Within set
Toilets: Available on production vehicle
Weight: xx?
Brake type: Air (EP/Auto)
Bogie type: On demonstrator - B4
Power collection: 750V dc thord rail
Traction motor type: Not fitted
Horsepower: -
Max speed: 100mph
Coupling type: Tightlock
Multiple restriction: Not authorised on demonstrator
Door type: Sliding
Special features: