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SWT 158 and 159 fleets to be fitted with CCTV

The SWT diesel fleet, is currently being fitted with CCTV and Passenger Information Screens (PIS) to improve passengers’ journeys to the west country.

The fleet, which consists of 11 Class 158s, 22 159/0s and eight 159/1s has been undergoing refurbishment and those trains which have already been refurbished without CCTV and PIS will be “retro fitted” with the extra facilities. The trains carry passengers daily to and from the West of England and also services in the Romsey area.

Two Class 159/0s have already had CCTV systems and passenger information fitted and the remaining trains will be removed from service on a rolling rota to be upgraded.

Mac Mackintosh, our Engineering Director said: “These trains are already the most reliable diesel fleet in the country and giving them an upgrade on the inside provides not only an important passenger facility in the form of information screens and announcements, but also the peace of mind that CCTV is in operation. The team at Salisbury Depot have had a big job on their hands in having to maintain the extra trains we have taken delivery of, but they have more than risen to the task.”

It is anticipated that the refurbishment will be completed by June 2008.



Last Updated: 4 October 2007
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