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Grand Central Railway to operate HST power cars and loco-hauled Mk3s

It has emerged that new operator Grand Central Railway is ti purchase six Class 43 powercars, and 24 loco-hauled Mk3 passenger vehicles from Porterbrook Leasing.

This will be the first time that Class 43 power cars will have operated with non HST stock, and require some major modifications to the power cars, including altering the train supply from three-phase to 1,000V conventional ETS, and providing through jumper connections to enable the HST power cars to 'talk' through the stock. Changes will also need to be made to the central door locking system.

Grand Central plan to launch their new Sunderland-King's Cross passenger service in May 2007, using their own stock and train crew, operating over Network Rail on an open access agreement.

The coaching stock to be purchased will be 6 FOs, 3 RFBs and 15 TSOs. Number details will be given when these are confirmed.



Last Updated: 5 October 2006
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